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The Artist

Born in France, Nathalie Woods studied at the School of Theatre and the Visual Arts and The School of Decorative Arts in Paris before beginning her career as an illustrator and graphic artist at Havas, a leading advertising agency.She was first recognized as an artist in 1991 when she was awarded both the jury’s and the general public’s prize at the Masters Exhibit at the Grand Palais in Paris.


She exhibited her sketches and watercolours from her sojourns in Brittany and Provence which were sold to private collectors in France throughout the 1990’s.


From her many trips to the United States she brought back to France a series of drawings and water colours inspired by the mountains of Vermont and the wide open spaces of Montana where she spent several months a year beginning in 2002.


In 1998 she also began to spend a considerable amount of her time in Ireland and lived in Dublin with her husband and two of her children, Romain and Mathias  from 1998 to 2000. As a painter it was love at first sight and after a number of trips to County Cork and Dublin the artist returned to Ireland to spend a year in County Wicklow with her husband and her youngest son, Will, from 2008 to 2009. The beauty of the landscapes and seascapes of the Garden of Ireland gave birth to a series of thirty oil painting during this period,  inspired by the landscapes and seascapes of Wicklow, in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. This unique exhibit reflects the the particular beauty of this lovely and magnificent part of Ireland seen through the eyes of a talented French artist.


In 2011 Nathalie left Paris, France  for Bozeman, Montana and now lives with her family here for most of the year. All of the Montana oil paintings were painted in the studio designed and built by Francis Woods and situated  in the garden of the family house on West Cleveland. All of her paintings were created in situ and much of Nathalie’s inspiration comes from  the time she spent in the studio and garden. Over the past ten years she has been inspired by the beauty of Montana’s mountains, fields and forests and she has been deeply touched by the kindness of the people she has met here.



My father was an inspiration to me. Visit his Blog:

Gérard LAUBIE : Publiciste – Galeriste – Conteur et Poète

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